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Anyone have any easy spanish recipes? I am a white french/french-canadian 26 year old married to a guatemalan (born and raised in guatemala) and I can barely cook spanish food  (I can barely cook american food at that!) 

anyway, I can make enchilladas, tacos, chicken soup and meat soup (in the spanish way) but that's about it. and now that I am a SAHM for 6 months, I really would like to try some new recipes. DH wants me to visit his mom in Guatemala this winter so she can see the boys and teach me to cook, but I don't know, but either way, in the mean time I would like to try some things. 

Any suggestions would be great. And please, nothing too hard, I'm really not a cook!! 

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 12:39 PM

I am an American married to a Mexican....Since I have my computer...I look up recipes on the internet and copy them.....(I lived in Bolivia for a year, visited Spain and was a bilingual teacher for 9 years.)   Just google it!!!!

I also watch how my husband does things....I actually like some of his stuff....My Latin cooking seems to veer toward being more sophisticated than his....Could you ask your hubby to give you some hints?

I did surprise my hubby a few weeks ago making his favorite for the first time ever...Chili rellenos...(.He orders them also when we go out...which has been quite a long time since we've gone to a restaurant ....I found everything I needed to cook them on the to roast and peel them, then to prepare them...He loved them...I also found out you must roll them in flour to get better results...But before that,  when I was shopping for them, I asked another lady looking at that kind of chili to help me out. I speak fluent Spanish.  She was very helpful. I learned just a little more about the Mexican culture in that moment!!!)

Last but not least...Are there local people that are Guatemalans that could help you...say friends your own age, or older ladies?  ....I know quite a few ladies since I attend two Hispanic Catholic churches.....Some of my best friends are Mexican/American....

I wish you a wonderful time....Que se divierte y tenga mucho éxito!!!!!


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