My daughter for christmas wanted a dsi xl well they said the only dinfference is a bigger screen so I bought her a ds i now that I look at it you can get on the net well I sorta new that but I hear there was a way to block certain things on it well its for christmas and she is 8 years old I wanna block it before I give it to her how do I do this and am I stupid for buying this for my 8 year old?

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 1:53 PM

All 3 of my kids have a DSi..Mine are 12,9, and 5.I could care less who thinks I am a bad Mother cause I know differnet..It is your daughter why does it matter what someone thinks-if it makes her happy and you are OK with it then that is a GREAT present..On the blocking I have no idea but I can talk to my hubby about it...

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