• I saw a girl who was no more then 8 yrs old in a pair of shorts that was way too short for a 8 yr old and a halter top I was curious to what her costume was and she told me that she was a Baby Hooker and that is what her mom is in real life a hooker can u belive that crap. I wanted to cry and take her to the police. I was so ready to call and the next thing I know here comes mommy smoking crack in a car with 4 black guys She was unsupervised and walking alone on TOT night WTF was this mother thinking. My daughter told me that she goes to school with her when shes aloud to go and her mom makes her do things with men to support her habit She I found out is 8 years old and WTF is she sleeping with guys for at that young age I want to beat her mom's ass for this frustrated

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    Nov. 1, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    I would be careful but you still should try and not look the other way.  NO CHILD should grow up in that environment EVER.  That is horrible degrading and ABUSE mentally, SEXUALLY, physically, and emotionally.   Her mom has the problem, why should that little girl grown up to this addiction/ way of living b/c her mom is messed up.  The little girl needs every chance in the world to try and have a normal life and to grow up with love and support. not trapped in this way of life to benefit her mom's crack habit.  Good luck.

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    Nov. 1, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Sounds to me she needs a good ass kicking.If it was me and I know some are against it but I would call CPS..The child would be better off without thst trash of a ''MOTHER''.She obviously does not cherish being a MOTHER.I am against drugs being done in front of a child.I don't knock anyone for doing whatever but at least have the decency to not do it in front of kids..GOOD LUCK and she is in my prayers

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