Before you throw this notion out with a roll of the eyes or start accusing me of hating formula feeders lol I challenge you to read the article to the end  first before commenting and then make comments about the article. I've nursed 5 kids and given some of them formula and still discovered things I didn't know in this article. It's a MUST read for anyone who's unsure of how they plan to feed their baby. Of course sometimes things happen and they don't have a choice, but so many women do and still choos to give formula. Be sure you are making an INFORMED decision before you make that choice.

What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You
Pediatricians spend much time frightening parents with 1 in 100,000 risks from some vaccine-preventable diseases when parents question the utility and safety of vaccines. "Would you want to risk the life of your child?" they demand. Yet these very same professionals offer formula samples with the other hand — when the magnitude of health risks associated with the use of formula is 100 times greater.

Parenting is all about making choices and weighing risks and benefits. Many parents need to make the riskier choice of formula feeding in order to balance other factors that benefit the family. Yet some parents who have lost their children, possibly based on pediatric advice condoning or encouraging formula-feeding, would surely wish that they had been informed of the very real risks related to using formula.

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