Hello everyone out there who reads my blogs........hello? lol

Just thought I would come on here & ramble about some things...Halloween

Last night was the best Halloween I have ever had in my life! I will say it a hundred times, I am SO glad that we moved here..This is the greatest neighborhood! Almost all of our neighbors were sitting outside or had their lights on..People were having little parties, had fire pits going. There were TONS of kids & parents out trick or treating. It was what I always envisioned halloween to be like growing up.!! I grew up in a small town that was really spread out, and the scene was nowhere near what I saw last night....All of these beautiful houses, decorated and welcoming..The adults were dressed up and having fun right along with the kids..I was born to live in suburbia or at the beach...I am pretty content right now!

The only downside is that we have waaayyy too much candy..I have three buckets filled up with candy. It will only get worse when Justin starts going trick or treating with the older boys. He tried to participate a little last night and I let him walk up to a few of the houses and they would give him a little candy. He thought that was the greatest thing ever! Of course I am feeling like hell today. I have a terrible cough & headcold..I am still not finished with my antibiotics for the ear/sinus/throat infection..Wondering if I am going to be healthy at all this year? It would be nice to NOT be sick for once...I have been disinfecting things like crazy, my entire house smells like lysol..My hands are burning from the constant washing and sanitizer..I take the boys Saturday to get their flu shots, and I am going to get one as well.

This Sunday is my very first 5K! I have rounded up a couple of people to walk it with me & am pretty excited to finish it! I really hope that I get to feeling better because I need to go out and walk every day this week to prepare for it...I made plans to go out Saturday night with some friends, and I never go out...ever...A girlfriend of mine is coming in from out of town and so we have managed to get together some of our old Group from high school for a night at olive garden...I guess this is super intelligent..go to olive garden....pumpkin cheesecake of course...then go and do a 5k the next day...lol....sooo smart!

Well, aside of being sick I feel like everything is going in a good direction right now...I'm pretty happy, excited about christmas, thanksgiving...Getting to see a lot of awesome people this weekend..My cousin Erin is coming to town and hopefully I will feel well & be able to meet her new little guy, Austin :) I guess my only real bummer this week is Justins doctors appt. tomorrow. We have to take him to see a pediatric ENT to talk about putting tubes in his ears..I am kind of upset about this. I hate the fact that he is going to have to be put under general anesthesia...That is something I will never forget having to do with Logan when he was little & had to get recircumcised...I am apprehensive about the whole thing because I dont know a lot about ear tubes. I do know that Justin is miserable all the time b/c he ears are always hurting & that this is what the doctor thinks is necesary..Its just hard for me to schedule a tiem to go talk to someone about cutting on my child.....

Well I better stop blogging & start doing something constructive...


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