Just a happy Monday hello to all eal good moms and cutie children..  I am in decent mood ESPECIALLY since old negative insecure hypocritical grump is NOT here...heeeeheee lol.  well how was everyones Halloweeeeeen???  Did your kids get some good treats and sweets?  i am actually getting disappointed now a days, because humans have been getting very very very cheap and stingy at holidays and every day of the real world real life.  There was more boring "lolipops" this year than last few years, and grumps have run out of candy quicker since they dont buy enough...i am sure they cant afford it, but holy shit...its for the freakin kids...duhhh....lol.  We always buy plenty of candy, and not just one per child too...but its a hard tough cheap life now a days.  there is so little money...and if you think about it, its only PAPER...and it ciculates, and is copied, and made, so its not like its vrey valuable.  Hey maybe the next decent president should change that....give out a few more bucks to all the poor and mid poor instead of ....oh i dont know...wasting it on trivial things, like football fields or whatever is going on in your state.  Anyway, just a decent thought>  Have a good day and week all decent folks.  :)

If anyone wants to truly share anything at all, please feel free to let me know.  I am a great listener and talker...lol.  I am in the midst of doing my chores and so is my responsible decent handsome son. :)  So talk to you guys later.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 3:32 PM We had a fabulous halloween!

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