So as some of you may know that I was going through a divorce and Custody Battle in January of 2009, a year after my daughter was born. the final decision happened in May of this year.. It took a year and half, from every other week for two weeks at a time, to Trials after trials, and spending lots of money on attorney fees and going to Atlanta, My ex mother in law interveaned. The judge rulled in May of 2010 that she be awarded custody of Gabriella all b/c I called me ex 2 days before his visitation to see if he could take her early. Well he turned around and used it against me and told his attorney that i was trying to give her up... NOT TRUE AT ALL.. HE is a lier and the judge saw that.. He got a girl pregnant just a week after meeting and all he got was a slap on the wrist but when I was doing everything by  the books and I just happened to get a b/f it was always like OMG she got a boyfriend, Now I have to have supervised Visits In GA every other weekend. Well neither I or my parents have enough money to even afford to go down and spend money on a hotel, gas, food, activites to do with her, also I only get to see her 4 a minuim of 4 hours on saturday and sunday unless my dad is with me and my dad can't come with me all the time and she wont let me come down and have someone there she knows to supervise me.. I get to see her about once a month and that's it.. I just hate doing that b/c she is only 2 and a half and she knows mommy isn't there all the time.. Not to mention her dad and his g/f I mean wife now have an almost 1 yr old with another one on the way, neither of them work, I work, I go to school, hardly have time for anything else but they get to see my daughter when ever they want b/c he has liberale visitation.. I've been trying to find out if there is any one in the Metro ATL area who knows of any one who can provide a place for me to stay one weekend out of the month so i can see my daughter.. The other thing is I would just have to find a superviser who isn't too expensive.. Thanks for your help.. sorry so long.

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