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Hello and welcome to our weekly newsletter. We've changed our group Avatar for the month of November and made several Thanksgiving Siggy's from all 4 photos that were submitted in the contest.

Our next Photo Contest begins today. Theme will be Colors of the Season.  You must be a member of the group to submit your photos.

To head to the photo contest and other fun posts, just click on the photo above.

Our featured Lighthouse of the Week (October 30-November 5) is none other than Baker's Island Lighthouse just outside of Salem, Massachusetts. For more information on this Haunted Lighthouse just click on the photo below.

If your passing through, stop in and sign our group's Guestbook.

••Welcome To The Guestbook••

And if you are new to the group tell us a little something about yourself.

At Country Connections we want you to feel at home. If you have any suggestions on how to make this group more fun and exciting we want to hear from you.

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Thank you for stopping by Country Connections Today!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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