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Yesterday I had another Rep hit Director status!  In such a short time.....

I am so excited for her!  She has worked for this and had her eye on it and deserved it!

I cannot believe that almost 3 years ago when I became a Scentsy Rep, that I would be where I am now.   When I first started I thought I would just sell it and use that as extra income or savings.  I still can't believe how much that little part time money has become.  As of January 1st I will be Full Time with being a Scentsy Rep!  No more 2 jobs. Only Scentsy!

We have grown, and grown to the point that it will be my full time job.  I can finally, (Finally) work when I want.  But believe me I will be so gung ho because I am so excited.  My full time job has always been full of "production" and overtime and highly menopausal women beyond the existence I think that GOD intended to put in one company.  Two months left and I can take a really deep breath, wake up on the 1st day and just smile with exhileration and excitement!

My first week:  will be having early morning coffee with my new found Director (something we have both been wanting to do for a while).  Then meeting up with another rep (friend now) and having lunch with her.  And continueing this throughout because of the many friends/reps I have made in this time. 

I didn't realize I would have so many new friends, new colleagues, and just pure enjoyment. 

Scentsy has been a GOD send to me.  Not just in the product because we love it so much but because of the doors it has opened up to me.  I have such an amazing team of women/men and such amazing customers (that are now my friends) and places I would not of considered visiting before that I do now.

I am just disappointed that I won't go on the Directors retreat in January ( a Bahama cruise) but I will make the next one!  Don't know where it will be but I know I will go.  At that time I won't have a job to tie me down.  This one is just too soon after I quit to be able to pull it all together, plus husbands vacation time.  BUT we will do it and I want to do it with him!  He has been with me every step, so I want him to be able to enjoy the perks with me.

I'm sharing, I know.  But this year our top reps (who have only been in Scentsy for 3-5 years) are getting $,$$$,$$$.00 salaries this year!  I am only 3 years behind them.  I will never and could never make that in my typical 8-5 job!  In the next year I will make more than I have ever made in any f/time job and 3 more years from now...........I can only imagine but I know I will be there. 

Seriously, I am excited for my ladies on my team!  Think about it and join us in a FUN life!  One that you can support your own family on (in time).  But it is there for those that want it.

my web :  http://livenscents.scentsy.us/join 

You won't regret it.  


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