god i love my Mary kay business i went out of town for 10 days to go see family and only worked 2 1/2 hours and made 350.00 and on top of that when i got home i had more orders that were waiting for me on my computer and phone. I mean how great is that?

Mary Kay Corp is doing somthing this month that they have not done in over 1O years!!! anyone who signs up this month will get the full starter kit a 500.00 value for only 75.00!!!

not enough? on top of that when you place your first order at 600.00 not only will you get 100.00 of free product from the company, you also will recieve 100.00 off your order!!!!

I have been challenged to share this with 15 sharp women in the next 2 weeks. so if you even think that this might be a fit for you message me and lets find out. What better time than now to start your own business

*only 75.00 to get started

*50% profit

*50% discount off all mary kay product

*no quotas/territories

*tax advantages

*prizes and recognition

*job security by owning your business

*unlimited income

*earn a free career car


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Nov. 21, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Great JOB!clappingKeep going.  See you in HOUSTON!!

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