I have been struggling with school this term, especially since hitting the second trimester. I've just been so much more tired than the first 13.5 weeks and I usually nap over doing school work in the afternoons.

I was barely passing my Research Methods class and was preparing myself for a failing overall grade and to have to pay out of pocket and then retake the class. I got my grade back today for my final paper and I got an 85! That put my overall class grade at 67.5. I am waiting for revised grades back on two papers the professor let me fix to raise the grades on them, so I am hoping that those revised grades will boost my overall grade from a D- to a C+ :)

Dillon was perfect at his salon appointment this morning! Afterwards we went next door to the NEX and I got him a mini truck for being such a big boy and also for being so cooperative the entire time he got his hair cut!

Now, hopefully the mailman brings more good news today. I'm waiting on photo prints I ordered last week for Dillon's scrap book and also for my check from school for just over $1300. I think that's it...later this week an outfit for the baby that I ordered should arrive and also Toy Story 3 that I pre-ordered for Dillon for Christmas should be coming too (I think it's due to arrive tomorrow actually).

I've got my fingers crossed! I love getting mail...well, not the junk and bills of course.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 7:58 PM

Yay! I'm glad you had an awesome day.

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