Question: Would you stay in HOUSING AUTHORITY if you made more money and were there illegally??






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Okay lemme start off saying that I was born in a family of 5 children. Grew up in foster homes and with my grandparents, etc.

Anyways, the way that I grew up I also wanted more. I also told myself that i wasn't going to settle for less regardless of where my life has taken me. SO now I am 22 years old, with 1 child, pregnant, and a husband. I found out I was prego my high school graduation and was living with my husband at the time. 

Me and my sister were on the phone about two weeks ago, and she had mentioned to me that I was letting money change me, basicallly that I was a snob.(I tried to do college on and off when I graduated hs, but with a child, my job became my priority). Throughout my yrs of working, i've been promoted numerous of times, and have moved my way to makin over $50,000 yr. I am the youngest out of my sis and brothers, but have established a good life for myself. I feel like why should I feel bad for what I have, I worked hard for it.

The conversation went like this:

I was explaining to her that I wanted to move, now I live in housing complex. With a two bedroom, I am not on the lease and my husband and daughter are. I will like to move into a house, (which fell through) so we started looking for a condo/townhouse, because I want the closest thing to a house. She made a comment that I shouldn't move just because I have the money. And I explained to her that I always want the best for my family, and even though she felt as though I should stay in the apartment I was in, I didnt. The way we got into this apartment was wrong, I wasn't on the lease to try to have the rent lower. NOW we are fortunate enough to not have to be here, so why would we. IDK, it just really broke me up to know that my sister thought of me that way. Why would i want to stay in the same place. I want better for me and my family, I deserve that.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Well, she might of been thinking about it differently than you think.  Maybe, she thought you should save up a little and sacrifice the nicer lifestyle until you make yourself a nest egg or a little bit of cushion.  I wasn't there so maybe it was in the way she said it to you that you felt her implying what you said above.  Sometimes we say or do things that are misconstrued.  You're right about being deceptful though so maybe you can add yourself to the lease and make it right.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 11:39 PM

something wrong with this picture. if hubby and daughter is on the lease, why not you. either you make too much money or hubby getting a check for your daughter and hisself and you make to much money.

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