What to do with my teen? I have 4 children and one of them is almost 14yrs old. We are first time parents of a teen. What a different world it is from when I was 14. My husband and I have looked at this whole teen thing form our experience. We are kinda old school. I wonder what other parents think of teens these days.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 10:06 PM

Well, where do I even start?  My daughter is 17 and everything from dress code to her off the charts emotions seem different from when I was a kid.  She's mouthy and unappreciative sometimes because she expects things to be handed to her rather than earned.  It's kind of been an up and down roller coaster.  I know she's a good kid but there is alot of pressure out there nowadays.  Another parent once gave me some good sound advice and when I am feeling impatient I think about her words and she said, "never give-up".  So, no matter how frustrated we both get and how angry, I think to myself not to give up.  Well, I am starting to see calmer waters and that she is actually maturing (thank you God).  However, I still have 4 more to go and 3 will be teenagers all at the same time. Hopefully, I've learned a few things from my oldest. 

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Nov. 2, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Thank you Chica This, I think that is the key not giving up. We have already had so many challenges. I will definitely keep that in mind.

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Nov. 2, 2010 at 9:15 PM

glad i am so not alone! not that i would wish this upon anyone. good luck. i know it passes. its keeping my sanity in the process 

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 12:49 PM

Honey, you are not alone...or at least, I'm not. LOL She is 15, it is my first time too and...need I say more?  Her crush, who is also crushing on her will be able to date on his birthday when he turns 16, which is in two days...hmm...Anyhoo, you are absolutely right when thinking back in the day when we were teens, there may be some similarities, but there are big changes too.  "Isn't it funny how the 80's style is back?" (Being that I experienced my teens then :)) My thing with her is that I have to joke and ask,"Does it start hurting after rolling your eyes so much?"laughingMy 10 y/o son who's been trying to hang out with her has been warned by others to beware the wrath of a teenage sister. She sent him off with tail between legs last night.  Otherwise she is absolutely wonderful and helps out great with her baby sister.

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