I just wanted to say a thanks to all decent and caring moms who have supported and listened to me...truly listened, unlike gumpy who never truly "listens", cause you may have ears and listen but not HEAR.  like ignoring i guess.  anyway, thanks to you moms and you know who you are ...and who youre not..lol.  I have shared alot and opened my heart and soul to moms i dont even know for real, and most of you have been quite supportive and decent about it.  I love to type and share since there is no one here to talk to , not even close.  It has made my week and made me actually...S M I L E. :)  Thank you.  and i hope to hear from you moms that i have a good repore with, again and again and again...alot. and maybe meet in the real world away from the mind sucking computer.lol.  Thanks again. 


Amy B. and happy son Chris.  write alot...get to know him as well, he is such a great kid. my one and only...my life line and twin.

any kids around 9 years old in here??????? let us know..playdates...or hangouts we could do one day.  you drive.  i cant right now.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 9:31 PM Aww, ur sweet, Iam tryin to reply to ur message, havin comp probs ugh!

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