Donna Aquilino
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Our Opportunity 
Find the perfect job with Willow House

When you sign up in November you earn a super bonus — a FREE Spring Enhancement Kit! Just sell $1,000 by December 31 and you’ll get this fantastic kit bonus that will boost your sales all season long! Click here for details.

Featuring a trend-forward product line, cutting-edge technology and revolutionary changes to the party plan model, Willow House will lead the industry with its fresh outlook and unique style.

In October we launched the new online Catalog and Outlet shopping experience. These changes have transformed home parties from local events into national events, and our Consultants’ earnings will increase with the addition of these new income streams.

Additional changes are coming in the months ahead that will put Willow House light years ahead of all competitors in the direct sales industry.

There’s no doubt that now is the time to turn it on — our parties have never been larger or more fun, and we’ve never had more exciting news to share. We’re filled with excitement, and can’t wait to share our enthusiasm with you.Join today for just $199!

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Donna Aquilino

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