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Peni POV
"Why have Marcus shave you bald," I taunted Tori, using what I could. "When I can just have the community start planning the next event - you're wedding. It could be perfect... Oceanside. You in a dress... Reg in a tux."
"Shut up," Tori's eyes were wide. She wielded the eyelash curler dangeriously at me. "Or I'm reprising the Insane Clown Posse get up on you."
Sighing heavily, I focused off into the distance with a dreamy expression planning the wedding Reg and Tori would rather die then have, "You can walk down the isle to..."
Tori cocked her eyebrow at me. I cocked mine back. For a moment it was almost like the threat for me to start kicking a Little Bit was there. It wasn't. We both knew it. But the moments like that, that were filled with a sense of normalcy without our worlds being so drastically altered, were always welcomed. In gratitude for the moment, we smiled.
"Are you finished now," Tori asked with a lip liner ready to apply some finishing details to her work of art.
"Yes, I promise," I lied. As soon as the mocha tip hit my lips, I glanced at the ceiling starting to hum the wedding march.
"Peni!" She protested. But we were both laughing. Laughing to a point. Shaking her head, she went to cap the lip liner to give up onme with a lot of flare and drama.
"I'll be good I swear," I lied again. I just couldn't help myself. Batting my now frequently used lashes I teased, "As long as you make me your matron of honor."
Deni and Nevi were so handsome in their best suits. All the other children were at the Community Center already. There was so much family around right now from all over, they had empty arms fighting over who got to hold them. The funeral would have been too much for our younger kids. Having all of them there would be too much for me. My own grief was so heavy it felt hard to bare. It needed to be faced and handled on its own without me having to bottle it up to focus on the kids. But the twins, they were old enough to really grasp the realities of the situation. Sam and their Uncle's promised to keep them in their care. Besides, Marcus had enlisted them as his little Sergeants in Operation Mom. He wanted them there. They were always the first to dime me out in a heart beat. Between Nevi's attention to detail and Deni's ability to scan my system, there was no pushing myself just a bit further. All Marcus had to do when I insisted that I was alright was ask one word, "Boys?" My charade was done.
There were a list of agreements I made in order to physically participate in the events of the day. One, I had to wear a surgical mask and gloves to protect my weakened immune system. If I wasn't sitting, I was either supposed to be in the arms of Flint Truck and Tow, or in my own little private wheels Marcus purchased for me. When I first saw the wheelchair Marcus purchased to help keep me off my feet, I was mortified. Really, for all intensive purposes, my eighty year old Grand Mother didn't use a wheel chair. I wasn't even thirty years old. I had to get a sense of humor about it. I sent it to the shop for the guys to Pimp My Ride. The normal, drab wheelchair came back with shiny chrome hub caps with white washed wheels. Not only was the seat self warming, but it was a lovely sandy colored fine suede. On the back of the chair was a pink and black Hello Kitty skull and cross bones with the words, "Ride or Die," over top. Of course it was now automated with the ability to go off road over rough terrain. Just for the shit and giggles, they installed a scaled down set of hydraulics' just so I could really roll in style. The kids loved that. It had an Ipod pouch with speakers so I could made grand entrances with my own theme song, a cup holder to stay hydrated, and a fold up TV tray. There was a compartment with my medicine, as well as other built in storage. They even had a compartment we magically extended inside to hold any equipment I needed to take on the go. The only thing I made them take off was the license plate they had made for the back that said: Peni's Ride. That was because there are no apostrophizes for license plates, and while Penis Ride made us all giggle like thirteen year olds, it was not appropriate for our older or younger family members. Masked, gloved, and coated, Seth grabbed my Cadillac of all wheelchairs, while Marcus scopped me up, and we headed to meet the rest of our family to meet guests at the Cemetery.
Our community was always really tight. There weren't many of us, we had to stick together. Every birth was a blessing, every death a sadness. This reached beyond even common spectrums of both of these. Gracie was the first Clearwater of her Generation. Both Leah and my children carried their Father's names. Seth had no children. Grace was the first born of this generation to carry the Clearwater name. Beyond that, the death of a child, anyone's child, is a tragedy that effects any heart that still pumps blood while that little ones heart stopped short. On top of that, it was Sara and J. They're weren't low profile. Everyone knew them. They knew everyone. That meant the entire community felt touched by the loss. Even though it was imperative for Sara and J to have their privacy, no one was being turned away. That's what all the planning was for. There was a sea of darkly dressed mourners organized into specific sections in order to maintain order. So that there wasn't a parade of people traipsing past the delicate casket, beautifully framed pictures of our Gracie were strategically placed around. No one could lay eyes on our precious girl without tears forming in their eyes. As a family, we all did our bests to receive the mourners on behalf of Sara and J. On a day like that, facing all that was lost, that was all we could do. With all of our hearts, that was all we could do. It was a fitting tribute to the life that was. It was a testament of love to our Grace Juanelle Clearwater.

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Sara Black written by shtteredprncess. Peni Clearwater and kids written by Amorentia. Marcus Flint written by shtteredprncess. Jalil Clearwater written by Amorentia Tori "Little Bit" Young written by Amorentia.

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