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Okay, so my sister used to do Pilates and did it for a few months.  She always had some stubborn fat on her belly that wouldn't go away and the only way it finally did was by doing the Pilates.  Once she demonstrated the 10 basic exercises and I followed along.  Somehow I hurt my neck.  I was so impressed by how it worked for her that I keep thinking about doing Pilates.  Recently, I started researching Pilates videos on YouTube and ran accross one that caught my eye.  It had many positive comments about the workout so I tried it.  Today is my 5th workout.  They say that it takes 20 pilates workouts to notice a difference and 30 to completely transform your body.  Well this workout is easy to follow as far as breathing and the exercises are not too hard.  I took the before pictures of my belly and so I will post them along with the after pictures once I've reached 30 workouts. If you are interested here's the link to the video.


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