SO n I decided I leave my full-time teaching job and he continue teaching so that I can take care of our son.  He had such demanding medical needs I stopped working way before the school year ended.  We are doing great financially and I love being home with my son.  He's my one-on-one and it's great teaching my son.

However, when SO comes home from work and talks about teaching, I'm jealous.  He talks about how much they value him and how principals talk about him at district meetings. And the district director knows who he is. I wish I was still teaching :(.  Today at Parent Ed. I contributed to the conversation "what to look for in a pre-school/elementary school."  After the discussion, the Parent Ed teacher said to me, you're hired! cuz of all the stuff I knew and was able to explain in detail.  I miss that! Affirmation.  Maybe if I got it more from others. But I get a lot of it when I see my son jump milestones!



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Nov. 2, 2010 at 5:05 AM

I know exactly how you feel.  I remember when I first had my dd and was on my three months of maternity leave.....I loved being home with dd....but would be soooo jealous when my so came home from work and had a bunch of stuff to talk about and I felt as if I had nothing to talk about except diapers, the color of poop, etc.....

I love being with my children....but I'm a better mom and a better wife when I have a job .....which is one of the reasons I work full time.

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