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Average Salaries of Fitness Professionals:
Personal Trainer: $42,204
Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist: $47,163
Club Owner: $80,382
Beachbody (P90X) Star Diamond Coach: $164,166 (And yes, it’s residual!)
I LOVE being a Team Beachbody Coach and I can teach you how to become one too! No fitness experience? No problem! Have fitness experience? Great! Visit


for more info!!


Beachbody, the parent company to such products as P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, Slim in 6 etc. are looking for representatives.

- Beachbody has the #1 infomerical in the United States.
- Beachbody spends over $100-million per year in advertising, attracting over 50,000 new customers each week that they share with their reps.
- Beachbody is looking for individuals who are willing to learn, and have the drive to create a better life for themselves and others.

Take a look at what we have to offer, click on Coach and see how you can make a difference!


You don’t need experience in the health and wellness industry, or even need to be physically fit, you just need the desire to make a better life for yourself and others.

Oh, and have computer/internet access!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
Sonya Smith
Health/Financial Coach


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