To help keep me on track, and looking up after a tough year, I decided to establish a checklist of the things I want to accomplish (or be well on my way towards!) by the end of this next year!

My 10 goals for the new year:

  • 1) Establish an occasional job of some kind (not necessarily part time... just occasional)
  • 2) Find someone to teach me to play the guitar!
  • 3) Find someone to teach me to sew...
  • 4) And knit! (properly)
  • 4) Gain a healthier lifestyle and build - or starting on one... so I have more energy to chase kids!
  • 5) Find more time (and a steady sitter!) so I can spend more time with the hubby (making up for dating we missed when we were younger!)
  • 6) Become vegetarian.
  • 7) Learn to cook raw!
  • 8) Get over my stage fright, and audition for at least one play.
  • 9) Spend time reconnecting with friends.
  • 10) Try to brainstorm ways to improve our community... maybe plant some gardens in people's yards that need it, or other things that involve helping people AND getting them off the system at the same time!

Here's hoping I can do it! Cross your fingers for me! :)


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