I lost over 25 pounds last year and was doing well. Since June  I have gained 30 pounds.

     Saturday I was feeling like I looked okay, so I asked my daughter to make my picture. I haven't had anyone make my picture in years. The pictures just confirmed how out of shape I really am.

   Later I was getting into the shower and I had to pass a floor to ceiling mirror in my birthday suit to get to the shower. THere was a BACK ROLL. I think I am done with food.


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Nov. 2, 2010 at 4:56 AM

Oh mama....I know how frustrating it can be....but try to remember if you have your health a few pounds isn't that big of deal....just try to watch your diet and get some more exercise in....(I need to take this advice as well LOL).....

Remember your child(ren) love you for who you are ....not how much you weigh!

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Nov. 2, 2010 at 9:48 AM

I agree with Kelly!  I, too, used to agonize over my weight.  But my husband never really thought there was a problem... most of my friends either.  :)  And ironically, they weren't just being nice.  When I started wearing better clothing and stuff  I felt better (when I wasn't in my birthday suit anyways).  lol.  I continuously went to doctors to have them help me because no matter what I did I couldn't lose any weight.   Come to find out, my BMI was normal!  (Not when you calculate it but when they actually measure.)  My blood work is perfect (literally)!  My doctors told me to stop stressing about it.  It's obviously how I am built.  Thankfully I carry the 185 pounds well... to them anyways.  Just relax.  Eat well as much as you can and exercise a little each day....  the people who love you, love you for who you ARE, not because of what the scale says.

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