Alexandera spent the night at my inlaw's on sunday and last night.. And she did so good It was nice to have 2 days with my husband and no baby and plus I got a couple of things for Alexandera.. And she is not coming home till this afternoon so I can have the whole day to my self... And my husband has the day off... I love being a SAHM I can not believe how much has spend more time with my Daughter and she loves to babbles  a lot and last night she kept on saying Momma and baba... And she says dada so yea she is growing everyday... 9 months ago she was a couple of days old and she was the best lil baby girl Alexandera is the best baby she sleeps through the night which is wonderful... I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with my baby girl.. My husband is such a great Dad and it was sooo cute to take Alexandera trick or treating she just rode in the wagon and she loves it.... I hope my baby knows that her mom and dad will be there for her....

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