Well...I have joined the dark side.

After taking my HP Pavilion to Best Buy for service, for the second time in the short 6 months I've owned it..I said enough is enough. Mr's Dell (from right when we moved here) is crapped out and somehow infected with spy/malware although McAffe runs regularly on it. My HP is gone for 2-4 weeks and a week from today I start new classes. 

So when I dropped off my HP, which the Geek Squad guy said he sees that model the most...AND a woman a few people behind me had the exact same HP with her for service, I went and spoke to a sales rep about macs and payment plans. I had them check my credit to see if I could establish a line of credit with the store and I was approved for $2000. 

On the way home I called Mr and told him about it. He said he doesn't care as long as he doesn't have to make the payments. Well of course I wouldn't talk to you about getting an expensive piece of technology and then expect YOUR bank account to make the payments. Durrrr.

So later that evening I took Dillon with me and went back and got a Macbook Pro. I have interest free for 24 months so it'll def be paid off by then. I paid off his watch with no issues last year when I got it for him for our anniversary!

I have a friend who's all into Mac and Apple and she's coming over later to help me out and give me some pointers. It's my second time using it but so far I like it. 

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Nov. 2, 2010 at 3:06 PM

Hope it works better for ya!!!

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