This is my newest Plush, Tucker the turkey. This little gobbler is a bit wide-eyed and worried about the upcoming holidays, but lucky for him he'll be doing centerpiece duty instead of serving as the main course.

He's made of fleece with felt embellishments and stuffed to capacity with fiberfill. My kiddo loves to hug on him and toss him around the house when he's not being used in official decoration capacity. 

Like all Story Builder Toys, Tucker is 100% handmade from our home and ready to ship in time for your Thanksgiving gatherings. We also have foxes and penguins available in this style with new toys on the way.

 Tucker is available now on our website, but only until Thanksgiving ;)

To find out more about Story Builder Toys and the benefits of toys handmade here in the USA, connect with us on any of these outlets. We look forward to sharing our toys with you.

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