I just have to get my week down and at least half way out of my system...

Sunday: came home after spending the night with teenagers at my parents' house for a campout, tried to recover whilst dealing with a grumpy toddler with an upset stomach and the start of an allergic reaction to something out there.  Finally got her to sleep for a few hours, managed to get some sleep myself.  Fixed an early supper for myself and DD, DH slept most of the day after getting done with church.  I didn't see him without DD until late Sunday night.

Monday: started well, I got some things done around the house, got lists made, and by the time DH was up and ready (almost one o'clock) we were all ready to go run errands, do grocery shopping, and go vote (yes, today is voting day but our voting center is not wheelchair friendly so we were going to do it early for DH's ease)  Got to the shop I contract with.  It's locked up.  Get hold of the owner- she assumed I was in all day that day since she had been in an accident on Friday- she never called to say she needed me in, just assumed I'd be there.  So I had to open the shop, get DH and DD in to wait for my dad (who had things he needed to do that day, but canceled so he could take DH and DD to their place until I got done at the shop)  I didn't get paid yesterday like I was supposed to because the owner didn't show up until five, and of course didn't have her check book with her.  I didn't get any of our banking done, had to drive extra, and had to get at least some of our shopping done late last night when all I really wanted to do was lay down.

Tuesday: slept in a tiny bit.  Got up with DD, fed her, fed myself, did some cleaning, reminded DH periodically when he needed to take his medicine.  He has been in bed all day.  I have been trying to find things to do in stages around the house that will not wear me out too much.  I have gotten more dishes done, gotten some laundry done, cleaned our living room some, and somehow managed to not throw something heavy at his head.  Still have not been able to finish my errands- getting PAID (kind of important), doing things at the bank, going to finish grocery shopping, VOTING.  These are all things that, yet again, will not get done today.  I could have tried doing them this morning with just DD, but hauling a 2 year old around town while trying to get everything done is not my favorite thing to do, especially not 29 weeks pregnant and having on and off back pain and cramps.  Now she is down for her nap, and probably won't be up until after four(of course our bank closes at four), unless she wets the bed and actually notices, then I will have to get her up, put her on the potty, strip her bed, clean her up, and add more to my laundry pile.  DH will likely sleep through all of this.  So I won't get anything done that REALLY needs to be done again today.  DH will wake up sometime tonight, tell me how he was trying so hard to get up, but was in too much pain, or too dizzy, or both.  Wonder why I am upset with him.  Then either stay up all night or go to bed early.  Before anyone thinks he's just a lazy bum, he DOES have a medical condition that causes this, I'm just hormonal and moody, and take it very personally when he doesn't seem to make that much effort to get out of bed- I'm tired, sore, and pregnant, yet I'm up every morning with our daughter, getting things done, and working, all while I don't feel like it and want to lay back down and actually rest.  Tonight, if he ever gets out of bed, we will run some mini apple pies I am making out to his parents and picking up the special Halloween candy that his mother and grandmother got for DD, candy that doesn't have any dairy in it.

Wednesday: I'm not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow, hopefully it will involve getting my non-house errands done :/  Wednesday night I will be at home with DD, maybe a friend, while DH does his youth group stuff.  Supper will be late.

Thursday: I'll be working all day, putting up with a woman who has had a second traumatic blow to the head and will likely only be half-there if I'm lucky- I can't wait until I am able to tell her good-bye, I've got a better job that treats me like I'm actually valuable and qualified, call me if you need something and I'll get a contract ready for you.  When I get home, I will be getting supper ready, probably doing dishes (unless the person who comes out to help actually, you know, HELPS with more than just DD), getting supper ready for myself and DD- DH is going to a movie with a friend- and trying to figure out what I'm going to do with just myself and a two year old.  Again.  For the third time this week now.

Friday: much the same as Thursday, only DH will be home; I may actually get to see him if he's had a good day.

Saturday: Work for the first part of the day, then come home and do a class on interior decorating basics (if anyone shows up)  Don't know about the rest of the day, but I'm sure it will involve housework, cooking, and childcare, all while DH sleeps or does things on the computer.

I love my husband, and as has been noted, generally he's a pretty smart guy- he wrote those "Tips for Dads" that I posted a few days ago.  But when he has a bad day, that's all he does- has a bad day.  It doesn't register with him that I may not be having a great day, or that I may appreciate him at least getting up for a little bit, or maybe giving me a heads-up that he's not having a good morning and I should a) get things done and leave him home or b) not expect to leave the house with him.  He prefers to wait until the third or fourht time I've tried getting him up, then tell me he's been trying, but he's just so miserable he can't.  He does have a medical condition that does this- info is available in the Arnold Chiari Malformation group.  That doesn't make me any less angry when I have a week like this one, or any less stressed out that I'm doing everything 99% of the time.  And because of that, next week will include a talk with my ob about medication to help me relax a little, because as much stress as I am having right now is not doing good things for me or the baby.

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