Question: would you be upset if you had to lose all your hair?


Yes I would be upset

I would be upset but not that bad

Its hard to say

No I would not care as long as the head achs were gone

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Well I went in today to talk about the trial of diamox and how it isnt working and it made me worse, and of course what I already knew I have to have the shunt surgery.. they wanted to schedule it on november 24th the day before thanksgiving but we decided that isnt a good idea that is also my sons birthday I dont wanna do that, so we made it the week after we just dont have the date yet because we have to have the neuro and another dr and the other office was on lunch while we were trying to schedule so they are going to call me tomorrow with the surgery date... so as far as I know its the week after thanksgiving.. they are going to shave all the hair on the right side of my head I suppose I asked he said he could try to shave a little but would proubly have to place the shunt on the top on my hair line so im not going to touch my hair till he is done and see what happens when he is done then if it is horrid I will donate what is left when he is done :(. Im terribly upset about my Hair alot of people just dont get it but to me its hard it really puts me in a bad state of mind, its lowers my self esteme alot says alot about me i guess... I love my hair and Ive always felt like my hair was my best feature, maybe it isnt maybe this is gods way of proving that to me I donno god works in weird ways...lol but he didnt have to be so mean...lol just kidding. i guess once i know more i will update later. gonna go check out some posts and reply keeps me busy for the most part.. Oh im gonna put a pull on here not sure how many people will even see this but im curious..

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 8:21 PM

Yes, sure...I think most any woman (person) would be concerned about losing their hair. But, you have to do what you have to do to get some relief, you know? It's all about your LIFE and so little about your hair. BUT...I definitely understand what you are saying!

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