Okay, so consider yourself an attorney .. how much would you charge per hour? $100, $150 , $300 ... more?

Instead of your normal hourly fee, say I want to work out a flat monthly fee with you to provide legal services that covers me, my spouse and my kids. I'll list some specifics I want covered in this monthly fee, and I want you to add them up and decide what you would charge me as my monthly flat fee!

I want to have unlimited phone calls and call you anytime about any personal or business legal matter. I'll want you to make phone calls, write letters, and review contracts. I would also ask you to draft my will and revise it or update it as requested, even if I decide to do this once a year.

And if I have some legal issues while I'm out of state, I would expect you to refer me to an Attorney in that state, and pay their bill for me out of the monthly fee that I'm paying you. 

Okay ... so what is my monthly fee for all this? Hundreds, thousands of dollars a month?

With a PrePaid Legal Membership, you can get this for just $36 a month. It covers you, your spouse, and your unmarried kids through age 21. Includes a will kit for you and your spouse. And gives you a provide law firm, not just one attorney.

PrePaid Legal has been in business almost 40 years, trades on the New York Stock Exchange and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

PrePaid Legal currently provides affordable legal coverage and peace of mind to over 1.5 million families in the USA & Canada.

Contact me to get your PrePaid Legal Membership today!

Mary Jacobs - Independent PrePaid Legal Associate

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