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So what is it about me that says I'm easy I put out on the first time meeting. I'm disappointed because I met a guy from plenty of fish and I don't mind cuddling but I was just blank.Like when someone is doing something you don't want to do but you think the person will notice that you're not feeling it. Hes feeling my breast and trying to feel my va jay jay. I'm like slow down buddy especially since hes a love maker and I'm a fuck me fucker.Not to mention that he left because Kandyce wouldn't go to sleep.She was laying down watching Go Diego Go.So what is that you're trying to do and talk about that she has to be sleep for?I have another appointment however he is a Leo I wonder if he's going to be as pushy as Mr Cancer? My mom is on her way over.I have been doing well exercising however I still have been eating whatever. I'm just bummed because I was attracted to him except for that.Oh well take two tonight at like 9pm. Ill let you know  I need some bread!

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM

If I am understand this correctly...some guy put the moves on you when you weren't ready...and if that is the case...that's NOT cool. ;(

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