Eli went to visit his grandmothers at work today in the meat packing district.  He got to meet new friends and visited Chelsea Market for the first time.  Eli was fascinated with the water that comes down from the exposed pipe inside the market.  Today it so happens that it was colored in red, which happens to draw Eli's attention more than any other color.  His face was priceless!

(here he is with his play date Elizabeth)

We took him to the book store inside the market, and got to read a few books.  He fell in love with the Elmo puppet book, again something that's red lol 

Lastly we got to see some of the pumpkins that were left over, but we missed the pumpkin carving displays that were taken down this week =( Maybe we can make it next year!

As you can tell Eli's new obsession is his teething ring. We like the "sassy" brand for it's funky colors and designs.

As always It's great sharing with you guys! Have a great week.  


Eli & Mavel 

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Nov. 2, 2010 at 9:45 PM

Sweet pics! Looks like fun!! He's such a CUTIE!

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