Sleeping through the night tricks.


Sleeping through the night… it’s like the ultimate goal of being a parent of a newborn: what is the recipe of naps during the day + food  + activity that will get the baby to sleep through the night?  I’ve heard of these babies that sleep through the night that don’t wake up and want bottles in the middle of the night.  One mom said to me “He’s too old to be getting up in the middle of the night.  You need to stop that.”  Huh? How? And he’s perfect in every way, thank you, and my baby books AND my doctor say that it’s normal for babies to get up, and if he’s hungry, to feed him.  So we do, when he gets up, which varies.  The number of times he gets up has gone from 3 to 2 to 1… so I’m hoping at some point, he’ll just sleep through the night.  And we have hope. Because there have been TWO nights that he slept through the night.

Read about the two nights he slept through the night >

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