I feel as though i have lost my way. I love being a mother and i love staying home. But i feel as though i have lost my freedom. I recently moved to a town where i know noone. i live way in the country so there is nothing close to me. so its just me and my daughter. my husband works from 3p0m till when ever in the morning so we only see him 2 hours a day and i feel like im am stuck. I no linger have money of my own. i no longer have any friends to hang with or vent to i feel like im all alone and on top of that we are trying to have a baby and well that ante gong so well either. im starting to get discoraged and not even wanting to try weve been at it for a year now. Maybe if we stop trying it will just happen. I feel as though i am loosing myself and i dont know what to do he wants me to go back to school next year when my daughter starts but i dont know what to do or what i even want to do forthe rest of my life. I wish someone would just tell me what im ment to do and then just do it. I dont know what to do i like kids i like helping people but ive worked with the people and to be honest most people are just plain rude and make you feel like dirt. so i know i dont want to work with people and i want to have weekends off and vacation time and medical and i want to work  all day and night i want to still be able to spend time with my kid and have fun with my husband when hes home we try to plan stuff on the weekend but that dont always happen who has the money to go out all the time. im just lost and needed to vent.

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 8:03 PM

I'm sorry. How abotu doing a search on here for groups in your area that have playdates? Maybe you and your DD could make new friends...or a local Church group or a Library story time where you could meet other Mom's?  

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