Today was teacher meeting day. I always like chatting with my daughters' teachers. My daughter is the easy child. She doesn't cause troubles in school and she always tries her hardest at her studies. Some times she slacks off on math. But I can get her going again with hardly any problem. Just about all of her teachers have loved her over the years. I've never had a hard time with the teachers involving my daughter. I've been lucky for the past 7 years with my daughter. She's only in 5th grade but she has done so good in school over the years.

Now my son is in kindergarten. He's not the easy child. He gives people a run for their money. Not with his attitude. He's not a trouble maker and he does listen and follow directions. But he's lazy. He doesn't want to show the teachers what he can do. He doesn't want to color or finish his work. He hates coloring, he always has. In kindergarten coloring is a major part of their learning program. But my son just colors for a few moments, then he's done. He doesn't sing the whole alphabet, he sings a few letters, then he's done. He only wants to count to 8 because that's his favorite number.

As the teacher is talking about all of his weak skills, she just said "he's lazy." Ugh my heart fell. I don't want the lazy child! But I know he is. The worse part is, he is smart and can do the work! If he applied him self, he could have gotten high scores. But no my son does half a$$ work.

The other thing that got me was, my son has freaked out the art teacher. My son can use either hand for cutting. When his left arm gets tired, he uses his right hand. My whole family does that. Well the art teacher kept putting the scissors in my sons' left hand and he kept switching them back to his right hand. His freaked out the art teacher b/c she has never had a student that could use both hands perfectly. I said don't try to change him. It won't work. He's a stubborn boy that just won't change.

Only my kid could freak out a teacher over some thing so small. lol

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 8:05 PM

Sounds like they are both doing okay! Maybe your son is BORED (NOT lazy)! And, I agree on him using both hands...NO ONE should try and change that!

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 8:04 AM

Cutting with scissors is a big skill for most kindergarteners. The fact that he can use both hands equally well is unusual and might surprise some people.

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 1:39 PM

I never thought about him being bored in school. I'm just so use to him learning something and jumping to the next thing. I'll have to work with him on getting over being bored and showing the teacher he can do his work good. Thanks for bringing that up Lb128f.

Except my husband, father and one sister. Every one in my family can use both hands equal. I'm so use to my family including my kids using both hands, that I never thought about how the rest of the world works. In my small world, it's a normal thing to encourage and grow the skill of using both hands.

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