The new cyberworld and our shifting economic foundation ... The last of the baby-boomer generation of which I am a member is now approaching retirement age and we are caught between two generations, our aging parents and our own families that we are providing for. The "greatest generation" that my father was a part of are dwindling down to a precious few. Their stories of WWII, "the big one" will soon be  quiet memories or entries in history books gathering dust in the library.

My generation is keeping up with the new ways to communicate while trying to deal with an economy that is not in the traditional corporate or industrial mode. The "establishment" as it was called has let us down. They have not kept their promises of a secure retirement in exchange for our services in the corporate world. In this atmosphere of uncertainty, many baby-boomers along with being health and wellness conscious are entrepreneurial and home business opportunity seekers. We are trying to gain some control over our own lives and improve the quality of our lives as well as improving our ability to direct our own destinies.

As a result of this atmopshere of uncertainty, there are more home businesses being created daily than ever before. A successful business from home is the new American Dream. Whenever changes occur that create negative circumstances, there is also the creation of opportunities to meet the challenges that develope from negative circumstances. Right now exists the wave of creativity that can make the difference in our circumstances. But just as there exists opportunity for the creation of success in home business ventures, there also exists the element that takes advantage of people's hopes and dreams and gain profit from individuals without giving them an honest return for their investment. That's why as a serious entrepreneur and home business owner, we have to be careful and find honest, valuable leadership and mentors to provide marketing information and tools that guide us. There exists such a community of entrepreneurs willing to share their marketing skills and financial education. Get access to this community now at

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:56 PM

Thanks for the link!

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