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Hello Beautiful CafeMom Friends!!  I saw this post on my good friend Wendy-Hewlett's blog and had to repost because it truly shows the key differences in average and successful people....see which category you fall into :)

Average People:

Successful People:

Don’t have a vision or have a weak visionHave a very specific vision
Focus on what they don’t wantFocus on what they do want constantly
Talk about becoming successful and tell people how they should become successful, but don’t take the necessary actions themselvesEmerge themselves in the actions necessary to create success.  They get out of their comfort zone with a clear vision and excitement
Play it safeEmerge themselves in everything they do
Focus on life balanceFocus on depth all the time
ProcrastinateTake actions today
Avoid failureEmbrace failure as part of the process and learn from it
Focus on being rightFocus on getting it right (willing to be wrong)
Willing to change some thingsWilling to change and adapt anything in order to achieve their vision
Blame things outside of themselves for their resultsOwn their results – always
See themselves as above averageFocus on seeing others as above average
Impose their values on othersFocus on determining what others value
Look for reasonsFocus on results constantly
Focus on how others need to changeFocus on what they can change
Rely on their own intelligenceUtilize the intelligence of the people around them
Surround themselves by like-minded, like-skilled individualsSurround themselves with people that have different strengths than themselves
Prefer being the teacherLove being the student
See others as competitionSee everyone as potential allies

Do you agree with the differences?  Would you add any of your own focuses or actions?  Great list right...really shows you why successful people are successful, and why average people stay average.  If you find yourself in the average category, look to the other side and see what successful people do...AND DO IT!  You have the power to change yourself and to grow.  You just have to decide you are going to do it :).

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