it's been a while since i logged on, and i had forgotten all the nice invites and msg from fellow moms. I'm going to start getting more active now, i really need the support and advice of other mothers.

I'm having such a hard time with my son; It's not looking good and i don't know what to do. Elay is very impulsive everything he does, and i'm begining to think that he can't control it. Kindergarten was hard on his teacher he really didn't miss anything academically, he was advanced in all the subjects. But it was the sitting still and walking around helping others before finishing his own work, or blurting out loud. He likes to read books, so his vocabulary is right on point and he would surprise his teacher when he would use big word and could actually explain what the words meant. Me and his teacher was a team and we worked hard she gave me advice on how to help him over the summer too for 1st grade. When 1st grade  came around, his teacher was very unapproachable. He didn't have eye contact, or didn't even try to communicate with the parents. The parents were very discouraged, and we talked amongst each other. After about 3 weeks of school the teacher started to complain about Elay; that he wouldn't sit still, he would talk to the other students, he would wander around when he felt like it, put his feet on the chair and he wanted to do a SST (Student Study Team).This was not acceptable for both me and my husband, so we wanted a meeting, we came in prepared to make changes. The first meeting didn't go to well, the teacher forgot we had a meeting, so we re-scheduled. So 2 weeks after that we went back and this time he says "Well it's not that bad, i have worse students then Elay, it's not really a problem!..." that's not what we expected to walk in to? We came up with a daily report chart specified for Elay to keep track on how he is doing, i also managed to come and sit in the class with the kids which was very interesting. Most of the kids could not sit still, they were touch, pulling, drumming, humming, getting up, and talking to there friends. And that is what i expected from 5 and 6 y olds!                                                                                         So this daily chart has been showing me how he is doing, but the teacher sometimes forget to fill it out and to send it home. So it really hasn't been working that good. And sometimes he would write, "Elay was playing with the math blocks today and i had to take it away from him, and i'm getting very tired of it!". I really didn't know how to react to that.

I don't know if its ME who is expecting too much of my Elay, am i pushing him to hard? I know he is a smart kid, and good kid, and i love him so much. But i feel like i don't get to hug and kiss him as much as i would like too, because it is the same new every time i pick him up from school! And my want and my need to hug and kiss him just turns away in disappointment :(

I really don't know what to do? I don't want to feel like this i want my baby back!

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