Ahhh, winter is upon us once again with the holidays looming just around the corner! I am always bewildered on how time flies by so quickly! But indeed this year is coming to an end and another one is in the horizon. It again the perfect opportunity to go through the Christmas task-list and start preparing for the upcoming festivities.

One of the activities I thoroughly enjoy is preparing letters or Christmas cards to relatives and friends and update them on news about my family. While I do keep a regular blog online, there are stories, events, and photographs to share that I reserved for those who are very dear to us. Creating this special greeting requires a lot of thought and creativity. I often contemplate on the content and the design to make it different from the previous send-outs.

This year I have decided to create family photographed holiday cards, which, surprisingly, I have never done!....... Read the rest in my blog: http://cara.onsugar.com/

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