People talk about how technology today means we are ALWAYS connected - and that it's not always a good thing. Mostly they are talking about work and how texting, cell phones, emails and social networking make it really hard to take a break.


But it has created a whole new world for parents too. When I was 23 John and I were living in Europe and didn't even own a phone. My parents heard from me by mail - snail mail!


Today, although I work from home and get a fair amount of phone calls, I'd say a good 75% are from Brittany. Certainly if the phone rings before 7am or after 11pm I know it's her. And if it rings when she should be getting off work I know I'm expected to entertain her on her drive home.


Even knowing it's Brittany, it's still an adventure picking up the phone. I never know if she's having a great day and wants to share, a terrible day and wants to vent or a new job, new dog, no money or a hundred other reasons.


Although sometimes I can guess by her Facebook status if I've read it first.


The other day she was at her boyfriend's new apartment waiting on a service man to connect something. Her boyfriend was at work and she had the day off, so she volunteered to let the guy in. She called me as soon as she got there and I figured I'd be on the phone with her until he showed up. About 20 minutes into the conversation I asked when he was supposed to get there. She said, "He's here. He was here before I called you; I just didn't really know what to talk to him about and wanted to look busy."


Lately our conversations have taken another turn. I'm back in the travel business, selling cruises, all-inclusive resorts and travel packages and she of course works at a hotel. Both of us are going through a lot of online training and are always comparing notes.


It reminds me of when I first became a travel agent in my 20s. My dad worked for United Airlines and suddenly the fact that we were both in "the business" opened up a new world to talk about. We would discuss computer programs, destinations, flight schedules, prices and passengers/clients.


Brittany adds her co-workers to our conversations. She really likes a reservationist she works with. She told me the woman reminds her of me: blonde, petite, works out all the time, and (here's the best part) "her daughter is her best friend." And then she just kept talking, like she hadn't said something wonderful!


I'm really appreciating our talks, whether they are text messages, Facebook posts, emails or long phone calls. A year after my dad and I started our travel conversations he died of cancer. I know how special this time is and how important it is to stay connected.


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Nov. 3, 2010 at 2:01 PM

I love this post!  You made me laugh with, "And then she just kept talking, like she hadn't said something wonderful!  I can so relate to this cuz all my kids are the same way.  It's great staying connected by whatever means.

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Thank you for the feedback! I feel luck she WANTS to stay connected :)

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 2:31 PM

That's awesome that she wants too!!!

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