A relatively new genre of gaming are the Scary Games. These have caught the fancy of todays youth who have themselves grown up on a steady diet of Harry Potter and Twilight series's of books and movies. The games are all about the scariest things that the game developers could imagine and put them into such scary games. Not only do these games contain a fair amount of gore but they are also shit scary with enhanced sound effects and have a great deal of detail in them. More often than not you are a sole survivor and have to make your way out of hundreds of creepy and scary things.

Zombie Games have you the player running for cover as thousands of zombies track you and then attack you left, right and center. You can fight them with arms like guns, shotguns, grenades and other deadly arms or can even take the help of deadly blades like a sword, knives or Katanas. Whatever you do, your objective is to survive and even in some cases help others survive.

Most of these Scary Games come with interesting plotlines that not only scare the livng daylights out of you but also leave you wanting more. While zombies are interesting to play with, what really leaves players entertained and scared both at the same time are Ghost Games. You scream, fight and run for your virtual life as these ghosts hunt you down with the worst part bieng that your weapons are as good as nothing in front of them. How do you fight them then, find out for yourself i say.

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