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Never, in my most deluded daydreams, did I think I would be writing this post.  This is the sort of thing that happens to people who don't speak English well or who don't have white skin.  But it happened yesterday, to two white males, one in his 20's and one just turned 50.  I've already reported to the county electorial board as well.

I voted by mail two weeks ago.  Ranger Daddy was supposed to Early Vote but due to life happening, he didn't get in.  So yesterday he voted during his lunch break (he's in in service training all week).  The background to what happened is that we changed adresses slightly 18 months ago.  Same apartment complex, different building.  Both of us duitifully went to the DMV and changed our addresses for our licenses as well as voter registration.  For whatever reason, although our addresses are correct in the system, we've never gotten replacement DL's showing our correct addres.  Which brings me to what happened yesterday.

Ranger Daddy went in with his voter registration card (showing our correct address) and his DL (which shows our old address).  The lady at the check in table told him he couldn't vote.  !!!!!!  She admitted that the address on his registration and the address in her check off sheet matched, but said she couldn't let him in because those addresses didn't match his DL.  Ranger Daddy responded with Colorado law.  She told him that what CO law says and what is in force at polling places are two different things.  WHAT!!!!!!  The law isn't the law?????  Ranger Daddy asked for a supervisor.  The supervisor said that his voter registration was valid id for the purposes of voting and sent him on his way.  As he was walking away from the table, he heard the same lady talking to the young soldier behind him in line.  She told the soldier that his ID (showing an address in the barracks on Ft. Carson) was not a valid home address because "barracks are transient housing."  Ranger Daddy turned around to help out.  Asked the soldier if he had a CO DL.  He did.  It shows his barracks address, which is also the address the check in lady had on her sheet for him.  If the state says the address is good enough for voter registration and holding a DL, then he has to be allowed in to vote.  Ranger Daddy made a complaint to the supervisor before leaving, suggesting this woman should be assigned duties other than that of checking people in to vote.

I understand election officials are on edge and wary, doing everything they can to prevent voter fraud.  But trying to keep two men in uniform (RD was in uniform also - most of the officers wear duty uniforms during in service) from voting on the flimsiest of exuses is ridiculous.

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