Question: Would you SUPPORT this group? Do you support making adoption ethical in North America such that - like in Australia -- it is a public service where NO-ONE profits financially from a "transaction"?


Yes, I support this organization. I support an end to this human trafficking.

No, I support the industry being for-profit, even if it means baby-selling.

WHAT industry?

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This is a new Facebook page, and I think everyone who believes that humans deserve respect and are not commodities to be bought and sold should join it. 

Citizens Against Selling Humans (CASH)



  1. The elimination of human trafficking for adoption purposes. This means adoption where money changes hands, with the profits or wages of a "baby broker" depending on money made from the exchange.

  2. The replacement of human trafficking for adoption purposes with fully-regulated government-provided services where expectant and new mothers are fully counselled before consenting to adoption, where the budget of the agency does not depend on adoption "fees," and where there is no conflict of interest such that workers are pressured to encourage surrenders because their "paying customers" are waiting for these babies.

  3. Eliminating International baby buying, where North Americans buy babies in other nations and import them. It is illegal for Canadians to go to Thailand and sexually exploit children. Same should apply for baby buying.

  4. Changing laws to prevent coercive adoption practices designed by the adoption industry to provide more babies for the market. This includes all practices designed to pressure, persuade, or influence a mother's likelihood of surrendering her baby for adoption purposes.

One thing you may not realize is that "non-profit" agencies generally are not.  They still make money from adoptive parents -- often tens of thousands of dollars -- on every adoption transaction. The only thing "non-profit" means is no shareholders. Profits are still paid to directors, staff, employees etc.  This puts all staff into direct conflict-of-interest when counseling expectant mothers considering adoption.

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 8:13 PM

Thanks for sharing this!

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