The other day I had a meeting with my lawyer with my son's dad to set up new times/days for his visitations. The guy had the nerve to bring his girl with him and what did she do but kept running her mouth. The guy won't even man enough to do it on his own. It made me mad cause all along he has always said it was between us and now hes letting this girl do all the talking? I told him oh so u need ur baby sitter with u? lol I laughed at that one. He talks to her about me and he talks to his friends about me. How disgusting he can't keep his big mouth shut. So anyways now will be starting Fridays and Sundays he will get my baby for ten hours every other weekend. and twice a week for 2 and a half hours. They always wanna throw in the convo oh we gonna go to court if it isn't our way. lol they are full of themselves. Well funny thing is after all her blabbing and they leave my lawyer calls like an hour later saying his dad called and had to change the times during the week. I was like can't u see they just playing games and in the end court will be where we are at. Its silly they can't be civil and talk things out. She has nothing to do with it any ways so next time I'm not putting up with it. They say court one more time I will tell my lawyer to do it and I'm not playing. They think they be loud so they can get there way but who knows what lies they say or true or just lies. Nothing can be trusted with these people. I feel bad that my son has to go threw this but I made my child and now have to deal with it. I told the guy he could sign his rights away and just forgot about my child but oh no he would never do that lol. I'm just ready to leave this mess and my baby be old enough that he can go when ever he wants to and not deal with them anymore. I just pray my son is always safe and his angels are watching over him. Thats just a lil update on whats going on in my life right now.


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Nov. 5, 2010 at 5:04 AM

You are a good Mom for agreeing to some type of visitation. I wouldn't have been as accepting as you of having some "woman" in the meeting's not her place. You are right about your "ex"...he needs to step up and take care of things himself...I'm guessing that's one of the reasons you aren't with him any longer...seems like a good decision on your part, lol! :-) Too funny that he called and changed the times before ever starting them. Geesh. Good Luck!!

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