My names Jenn & I’m 22

I’m not your ordinary girl

I myself at made entirely of flaws

Stitched together by good intentions

I’m everything I wish I wasn’t

And nothing I pretend to be

Yet I’m ridiculously comfortable in my own skin

I’m EXTREMLY blunt

With a FUCK YOU attitude

I do what I want & I tell it like it is

I don’t care what people think of me

because I don’t live 2 impress anyone

I hold my expectations to high

& I hate people who remind me of myself

I constantly starve for attention

& I tend to rush things to fast!

When I say “I’m over it”, I’m usually not

I constantly stave for attention

& my promises are just words

My heart has found its other half

& he’s the positive to my negative

I never realize what I have

until I’ve already gone & fucked it up!

I am who I am & I’ve done what I’ve done

I’m a different person then what I was before

I’m never really satisfied

Even when I get exactly what I want

& I always find a way to make a mess of things

I can’t sing the alphabet backwards even if I tried

And I take WAY to many pictures

I can’t stand hypocrites

but I assure you I can be one

Needs & midgets terrify me

& patience is NOT my style

Don’t preach me your religion

I don’t believe in god

& fairy tales are a hoax

I don’t drink as much milk as I should

& Eyeliner is the only makeup you will see me wear

I constantly feel like I end up where I started

but I put my WHOLE heart in2 everything I do

In the end I’m worth EVERY hassle

& I’m incredibly hard to forget

You WONT forget me.

I’m someone you’ll regret loosing

that I can PROMISE you

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