Everyone knows that it's not healthy for the baby to smoke while pregnant, yet I see it ALL THE TIME.

It frustrated me so I asked my doctor and he said that women who smoke a pack or more a day shouldnt quit cold turkey while pregnant because it can cause a lot of stress to the mom, therefore to the baby. He said that she should slow down quite a bit and try not to smoke "as much".

What is everyone's opinion on this? My mom smoke with all three of us throughout the pregnancy.

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 10:30 PM

I heard that each time you inhale your baby stops breathing for a little bit but not sure about what you said above.  My common sense tells me that smoking is not good for my body or for a life that is inside my body. I think it's funny that people who smoke sue for getting cancer and anything else because how in the world could they have thought that smoking was okay? Sorry, just bewildered by people's actions sometimes but I guess we are all a little bit destructive in our own way.

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Nov. 15, 2010 at 7:22 PM

For my son andrew I was a smoker, I quit before I even knew I was pregnant because I was getting sick all tthe time, for nine months straight. It sucked.  I did not smoke the whole time I was pregnant with him, I got urges sure, but they were not life threatening and quitting cold turkey like that did not hurt him, he was a healthy baby boy through the whole pregnancy.  I have heard that dr.'s have told pregnant women not to quit cold turkey but to cut back.  I couldnt do that though, I would rather quit the whole time I am pregnant, and not harm my baby with the cigerette smoke. 


And to ChicaThis-

I think the main reason why I smoke is because it is so addicting.  I have tried to quit on my own and I just cant.  There is always a little voice in my head saying I need the nicotine.  It is destructive to my body and I know it is, I know it causes cancer.  But nowadays so many things cause cancer.  What I hate the most is when I see mothers smoking while pregnant, or with their kids right next to them.  It is not the kids choice to inhale that smoke, the mothers should not put their kids in that situation.  I have never and will never smoke near or around my son.  I always make sure I either go outside if he is inside or stand away from him enough so the smoke is not going to go by him.  I am not going to allow my actions to harm him.smile mini


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