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Thomas Althouse Anti-Street Racing


             It was Fall outside, crisp and cool

             We asked you to come

                 But you had things to do....                    
            If only we knew, what this day would bring
            As you walked out the door,to do other things

             We yelled be careful, make sure you call

              and went off on our day, no other thought at all

              Tired and cold from a day of fall fun

               Not knowing that with one call it would all be done

               Come now and hurry, no its not good

                Panic set in as we ran out the door

                For fear that we would not see him anymore

                Too much info car....too fast... race ...CRASH!

                Hit a tree, high speed, but where, how?? TOMMY!!!

                Critical, trauma, head injury, NO!!!

                       Family, crying, friends filled the hallways,

                Unimaginable how can this be so?

                 Doctors and nurses good news then bad

                 Days turn to weeks, weeks into months

                 months into years....still so so sad

                 The son, brother and friend as all know is gone

                 Although it wasnt death it still feels so wrong

                  Can't talk or walk or eat anymore

                   Was so full of life where did it go??

                   What was the reason, we will never know

                   To make us stronger? help others? sounds so cruel

                   I miss him we miss him oh how it hurts

                   Every new Fall season it hits us again

                   We relive the day we lost our son,

                        brother and friend.......


Thomas Althouse Anti-Street Racing Foundation 11/1/10

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