I am currently 8months along and found out yesterday i have a yeast infection. If the swelling and burning wasn't enough, the itching and lack of sleep did it. How can i stop the itching so i can just go to sleep at night? I'm exhausted and I can't stop it. I am taking monistat and using the stupid cream but that seems to be making it worse. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 12:27 AM

I had that same problem my entire pregnancy! Im so sorry! First, the things you could buy over the counter arent safe anymore, so def see a doctor and get a prescription. Next, which really sucks, but your going to have to cut back on sugar and bread. Yeast feeds off of sugar and bread. I just went through this and it helps though it is very difficult. But a doctor can def give you something to help. Know that if you take antibiotics its going to make it much worse.  I hope this helps and i hope it goes away quickly. take care1

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