I cant seem to get my bills caught up and paid, between both my checks I clear about 1700 a month, my rent is 555, my cable for some reason is 120, my student loan payment is 50, im paying someone back money the loaned me for repairs for my old car 25 a month,. my insurance is 110 a month my van payment is 340 a month i owe 50 a month on a fine and another 50 a month to the guy who's car i hit. on top of that im paying my mom 30 a week to watch mallory, what sucks is i get paid twice a month and i usually have to split my rent into two payments cause if i don't then i wont have any money out of the first check of the month to buy food and stuff we need, then i would have to pay all my other bills out of my other check and it would wipe that one out. im scared cause i cant seem to make it. plus i owe my boyfriends mom 300 dollars cause she gave me money to put down on my  van and i have to keep gas in that thing and that runs me like 30 a week, i have tried making out a strict budget and sticking to it but i cant seem to do that. oh yeah my cell phone is 80 a month too, and on top of that Christmas is coming. i am literally robing peter to pay Paul I have to switch insurance companies cause my insurance was way late and they are threatening to drop me this week, i found cheaper insurance on the general and it will be ok,. i just have to make it to taxes then ill use all that to catch everything up so all i will be paying will be rent, van, cell,and cable. i hope. oh yeah, I have to buy the girls new winter coats cause the coats they have are all two years old, thankfully i work at goodwill and will get a discount when i shop.

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Nov. 3, 2010 at 11:56 PM

It is tough out there.  I have 4 kids and my childcare nut exceeds my rent.  I am not too proud to take hand me down clothes or shop at the second hand store.  Talk to your local church and see if they have a food pantry or clothes collection to ease some  of your burden.  Try to cut back on little things that may add up, buying coffee or lunch out for example.  Better days are coming.  Hang in there and thank God for what you do have.  It could be worse.  I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes, until I saw someone with no feet!  You can do it, you have to for your daughters sake!

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 7:32 PM

That's tight! Is your child/children 5 or under? Do you get WIC? Food Stamps? You could get a Hardship or Deferment on your Student Loans and hold them off for a while. You could cut the cable off or reduce the services and you might be able to get a FREE cell phone with Safe-link. You could trade in your Van for something smaller (on gas and price). Maybe you could get some help with your Rent (through HUD or Social Services HIP Program)...and your Electric Bill through Energy Share or Social Services Energy Assistance Program...if you had those covered for a month maybe you'd be able to get ahead...you should call and check on some "help" programs. Good Luck!

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 11:47 AM

I know it is hard with having chldren but you may have to cut cable. That is what I had to do back in may cause it was either cut the cable or no money for Christmas. My cable was 160. I signed up for netflix instead, I have a 3 year old and she is still able to watch all her favs. I get 2 movies at a time and I can send them back whenever, it only takes about a day or two to get a new one. Plus there are a lot of movies/ tv shows that I can watch instanly online with no limit (a lot of what your kids probably already watch is on there and then they can watch it whenever they want). I pay 14.95 a month for this and we really don't even miss our cable. Also, you can use websites like hulu to watch your fav shows, netflix only has shows that are out on dvd so this is how I watch my reality shows. This is just a sugestion, but I thought I would share what I did in hopes that is will help you out. I have saved almost $900 in 6 months, of course I was paying $40 a month more then you are.

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Nov. 5, 2010 at 1:41 PM

I just reapplied for foodstamps I wont get much but what I do get will help.  I have tried getting help with rent they keep telling me I make to much money and it pisses me off,. the majority of my bills are from the car accident I was in,. im trying to get it all paid off and they still sent me something saying they were going to suspend my license, even though i paid them my freaking rent money as a down payment.  I dont pay utilites which is a good thing I guess, and yeah I think my life is bad but i guess somedays its not, my kids are happy and they have what they need. as for the cable yeah I may be cutting the actual cable out but keeping the internet. im going to as when I go pay my bill later if i can do that. I use hulu alot to watch some of my shows. im trying i have a new budegt wrote down and if its not aa necesity to be paid its going to get dropped and paid off and let go. my kids were upset till it threatened to sell the Wii , I just keep telling myself to hold on till taxes come and we can make it till then I hope....

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