no do overs

 Was in the shed last night sitting there with chewie the radio on an thinking about the many different roads I have traveled .The hills climbed , The storms sailed ,Beautiful sunset nights that turned the sky's into breath taking wonders of owe .The different faces I have seen. People who have came in my life and who I have let go Thunderstorms I thought I'd never make it through but some how found dry land. Times where I thought pain was the only world I would no. As I sat out there thinking about my travels I thought about Ronnie, Cecil ,Pops, Thomas Rosie ,JP all the friendships and some loves  this worm feeling covered my body an I thought No matter what road I have an will travel I wouldn't change one hill ,one cliff ,one storm, one sunset  I wouldn't take any do overs , Those are the travels that led me here they gave me the strength inside to keep moving on. I have become a better person on the inside. I have two beautiful grand-kids and a terrific son If I had turned left instead of right if i would of drove instead of walk they may not be here today.  No my life hasn't been a fun filled day at the beach and yes the loss of the people I cared an loved for aches my heart but the roads we traveled and shared makes me even more sure I wouldn't do any do overs No my life hasn't always been a day at the beach . But boy what a day it's been

 Blessings come in many different ways it is not for us to analyze nor judge but only to give thanks and be thankful to have been given one more day

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