I have 4 different websites that I use. I will start with the first one I signed up for which is swagbucks.

SEARCHING - You can either download the toolbar (I personally don't have it) or you can go to their homepage and search from there. Generally you will only win a search once every 3-4 hours. But it's random and you don't know when you'll win so you have to just keep trying. And the general rule of thumb is only 4 search wins a day.

Also, every night at midnight (CST) is what is know as Midnight bucks. Some nights you'll be able to win 3-4 times within the hour, other times it will be a singles night. But whatever you win at midnight bucks, will reflect how often you win during the rest of the day.

DAILY 4 - Checking the toolbar (if you have it), NOSO, Trusted Surveys (after you've been a member for a week) and doing the daily poll will get you 1 point for each of those. You will find the NOSO, surveys and poll under the "Earn" tab on the swagbucks homepage.

SURVEYS - After being a member for a week you will be allowed to start doing the surveys. Fill out  your profile on there for some quick easy swagbucks. If you get surveys on swagbucks, you're among the lucky few. I haven't seen a survey since my second week as a member.

CODES - If you have a facebook, like the swagbucks page and visit it often. If you see everyone saying "Thanks TSG" It's time to start looking for a code. (TSG stands for "the swag guy") sometimes codes are actually in the swagbucks status, other times they are in the blog, which you will find on the swagbucks homepage. Other times there will be clues in the blog and you will have to hunt for the code, but there are hints given out on the facebook page. Other times the codes will be in the toolbar.

SPECIAL OFFERS - Special offers can get you a lot of swagbucks if you do the right offers. To find the special offers, on the swagbucks home page, click on the tab that says "Earn" then go to "Special Offers" The first set of offers you see is what is known as "payment wall" below that you will see 5 other tabs, those are the other offer companies. Just look around at the offers. Some of them are super easy and credit without a problem. But it's usually a good idea to take screen shots, or save confirmation e-mails for later, sometimes you'll have to fight for your bucks. Also, using an e-mail made just for junk mail will help, you will get lots of spam if you do special offers.

To send in a ticket to fight for swagbucks that won't credit, go to the offerwall which the offer was in, find the button that says "Missing Swagbucks" or "Offer Status" Click that and fill out the form.

There are also plenty of free offers to do, just use the filters to look at only free. And go to the facebook page, they often post which offers are working and which aren't. The facebook page is a great resource!

SWAGBUCKS TV - Watch videos to earn swagbucks. You won't earn on every video, it's random. The more you watch the better chance you have at winning.

Signed up on August 20th, 2010 and have made $185 in AGC's already.

I think i got most of it. On to the next

Zoombucks. A lot like Swagbucks, but Surveys are easier!


SEARCHING - Like swagbucks, zoombucks has a toolbar you can download, again, I don't personally have it, I just use the main page to search. I normally am only able to win once every couple days with searches, but again, I don't try often.

ZDAILY - On the left hand side of the homepage you will see a tab that says "ZDaily" Click through those and sometimes you will find some zoombucks.

SURVEYS - Unlike swagbucks, Zoombucks surveys actually work for everyone. They have 6 daily surveys on the homepage. Sometimes you have to go through a couple surveys to get one that will let you finish, but If you keep trying you'll start getting them.

Again, you'll want to take a screen shot of the final page of each survey. Sometimes they don't want to credit. But wait a day or two (or if it's the weekend wait until Tuesday) and if they still didn't credit send the screen shot into contact support, they are good about giving you credit, but you need the screen shot to prove it. Save them with who the survey was from, the date and what it was about.

PROMO CODES - Again, if you have facebook, find zoombucks and like the page as that is where they release the promo codes at.

SPECIAL OFFERS - These are generally the same offers that swagbucks has. so I don't personally do them on this site. But it's the same thing as before.

GAMES - Yep, you can earn points by playing games. they have a few games to choose from and you have to be one of the top scores to win. I don't personally do this either.

I signed up for zoombucks on October 4th, 2010 and have earned $70

Next up is iRazoo.


Not as sophisticated as the others but it's a good supplement. iRazoo is just a search and win site. Search about every 3-4 hours and you should win something. Generally you will get between 10-80 points for each search win, I average 40-60 for each.

Also they have a daily 100 points you can get. when searching, just click on a site that comes up, there should be a red banner across the page. It will have a comment box, type in a quick comment and when it lets you hit either yes or no for recommending that page. do that two times and you'll get 100 every day.

Again, if you have facebook, like this page. Sometimes they will release codes there as well.

And lastly is Beezag.


It's just watching videos. You will have to watch the videos and two numbers will go across the screen. Enter that at the end of the video for points. I believe this site is for paypal only.

Just to clear it up, the first 3 sites have more than just amazon gift cards, those just happen to be the most popular. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me. I know this was long.

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 2:34 AM

Inbox dollars and Mypoints are good as well. I have gotten a few checks from Inbox and different giftcards from Mypoints :-)

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