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Elvis Fan Group was king for most of last week until The Psychic Realm and Cookiez Corner Stop battled it out through the weekend. A late bump put Cookiez Corner Stop over the top. The Psychic Realm is poised to go into next week at the top. Will this be their week?

Read below for more about this week's INH Hot Spot Group: Cookiez Corner Stop


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   Dear Diary

We all know when we write in our diary it really helps to just get things off our chest and it is good for us too also. Here you can do the same, Write in your diary and let us read and respond,give advice or just encouraging words. If you don`t need a response but just want to write your feeling down, that's OK too. I can even open a forum that`s private to just you and friends. We can even have a contest forum, where we can write our feeling in the form of a poem.

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  Cookiez Korner Stop

Signature groups are a lot of fun to spend time in. Cookiez Corner Stop is a new group with a built in niche and great designers. It is growing steadily and has plenty room for expansion.

You will need to apply to join this group.  Due to Copyright constraints, there no open forums available before joining. 

Before posting in the group, be sure to stop by the Read and Sign Sector. This forum offers the rules and procedure for requesting a signature as well as a place for questions (a rarity for a signature group) and a spot to introduce yourself.

There are three forums for requesting, signatures. Inboxes and Outboxes, Seasonal Signatures and Occasional Signatures.

Inboxes and Outboxes is where you can make requests from the designers. Be sure to have to read the rules post before requesting. Each person is assigned an outbox to collect her signatures when they are complete.

Offers are available in Seasonal and Occasional Signatures. Most are on a first come first served basis with limited slots available. This allows the designers to get the siggies out in a timely manner. Photo siggy requests are available in Occasional Signatures.


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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:31 AM

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:32 AM

Keep some space open Thursday November 4
for our next Group Owner Challenge Mega Party and a chance to win $100 in gift cards. Join in below, we look forward to seeing you.

    Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss Support

PARTY!!!!! November 4th

Television Shows

  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  Chica Cliques Connected


Cafemom Group Resource Center is a group designed to bring together Group Owners, Group Admins and Group Members, interested in helping Cafemom Groups run more smoothly. Admin team members can always find us in the Help and Resources section of your red Admin Tools.
In this group you will find good information and great friends.
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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:33 AM

Make friends and have fun in CafeMom groups

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Thirty Days of Thanks: Join Our Gratitude Challenge!



Did you know gratitude is good for your health? Researchers have found that thinking about the things you are thankful for or writing a thank you note can:

-lower your blood pressure

-help you lose weight

-decrease your risk of developing depression, phobias, bulimia and alcoholism

So let's practice gratitude this month! In honor of Thanksgiving month, join our Thirty Days of Thanks Challenge. We'll be drawing winners once a week throughout the month. One Gratitude Grand Prize winner will receive a $50 'thank you' gift card. Runners-up will receive "A Little Book of Thank Yous," a set of thank you note stationery, and an adorable Thanksgiving apron.

Here's how to play: Every day for the month of November, come back here to tell us what you're grateful for. The more things you list, and the more often you come back, the better your chances of winning.

thank you

The Official Rules
To enter the this contest, reply to this post. Click on the 'reply to post' button at the top (or bottom) of that post. When the text box opens, add your reply. Once you've added your reply, click on the "Add Reply' button.


  • Posts must be made between Monday, November 1 at 2pm EST and Tuesday, November 30 at 11:59 pm EST.  
  • This contest will end on Tuesday, November 30 at 11:59 pm EST. 
  • One winner and two runners-up will be selected randomly.
  •  The winner will be posted on this thread and will be notified via CafeMom PM.
  •  Multiple replies are allowed and will increase  your chances of winning.
  • Prizes are only available to members who live in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • One grand-prize winner will receive a $50 gift card to Target, Wal-mart, or Amazon. One runner-up will receive the book "A Little Book of Thank Yous." One runner-up will receive a thank you note set. One runner-up will receive a Thanksgiving apron.

Posted by Cafe Becky


Healthy Moms

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Nov. 4, 2010 at 4:33 AM


Join us for Halloween festivities in Baker Street!

Ghosts are on the loose in Baker Street!

Most of them are harmless trick-or-treaters, but beware...you might just run into a real one!

Can you help the Ghost Hunter capture them?

There are 2 yummy Halloween-themed recipes in the Shop along with some special ingredients.  These items are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can!

We've also added over 30 new Awards and 2 new titles you can earn.

To add to the fun, we're also having a Halloween Sweepstakes!  To enter, you'll need to get a Trapped Ghost (the Ghost Hunter will explain how to get one)! 10 randomly selected players who have a Trapped Ghost in their inventory will receive a tasty real-life Halloween treat!

The new Halloween recipes and customers will be available until noon (EST) on November 1st, 2010.

Trick or treat!

EDIT: Winners for the sweepstakes have been announced. Click here to see who won!

EDIT: We're bringing back the special items and ghosts until noon on Monday, November 8th! If you haven't purchased the recipes yet or want to finish up the Halloween event Awards, now is your chance! :)

Happy ghost hunting!

Posted by  Cafe Nikki


Baker Street

Play Baker Street

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