Good morning everyone!

I have a new blog posted to "Adventures in Mommyhood'  It's called, my tattoos tell MY story.

It was based off of an older post I saw on here a while back.  If any of you mamas have tattoos...perhaps you can relate. Check it out!

Happy reading!


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Nov. 4, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Each of mine have a meaning. I am going to be getting one as soon as I can find someone who can come up with the drawing for me and tattooist that I can trust with this next one. It is going to be SUPER special...

As for being a bad mom? Is it bad my 10yr old wants a full back dragon and when he sees a picture of a dragon he asks me if I think it will make a good one? OH and he wants to get it when he is 16...HE has his reason for the dragon. My daughter who is 4, wants one already when she gets older, she wants a "mommy rose with baby roses" like her mama.

I too, am fascinated by looking at other peoples tatttoos, if people have them thats their business, usually first question I ask is...."SO what was going on at the time when you got this one or that one". Usually, they smile and say "OH thanks for asking! This was the day my daughter was born, or got married, or memory of deceased friend/family"

My next one that I want is a phoenix bursting out of the ground around a cross...death/rebirth. Death is the memory of my dad and brother, rebirth is me.

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